Ava's Downtown Market

Welcome to Ava's Downtown Market!

Here at Ava's Downtown Market, local and organic goods are our first choice.

We provide the freshest, locally grown and produced ingredients. In addition to the basic dairy, packaged, and frozen food items, we offer an extensive selection of the finest quality natural, organic, and gourmet food products from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world!

Items are always being added to our website so keep an eye out for new goodies!


How To Order Your Groceries Online:

1) Fill up your cart with your necessities.

2) Proceed with checkout.

3) Pick up your groceries at your car!

It's that simple!

All orders placed within 30 minutes of 8:00 P.M. will be fulfilled the following day.

Item requests:

If you have any requests for items to be added to the website or even in-store, please leave a message on google and it will be added ASAP!